Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Bella Italia! ♥

Hey, Babes!

Today it's all about vacation! Im going to Rome on friday for a 1-week class trip/vacation. Unfortunately, although we're gonna go to Ostia, we're not going to visit the beach. DUH! Right now as I'm writing this post it's 18 Degrees Celsius in my Hometown and 21 Degrees Celsius in Rome. Warm weather all week and I hope it will stay like this. You will definitely get a post with some of the pictures I took and a post with a Rome haul. And I'm thinking about making a post with my travelling essentials and a "What's in my Suitcase "and "What's in my Carry-On", but I'm not sure yet. I'm so excited for this, it's just so awesome!

Please understand that I can't post on here the week I am in Rome because I won't have internet. I took all of the pictures from we♥it, they belong to the rightful owners.

I really hope you like this post, more will surely follow! (:

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